Beer Selections

Domestic  (in bottles)
Coors Lite  ~  Budwieser  ~  Bud Lite ~ Bud Lite Lime

Michelob Ultra ~ Yuengling ~ Yuengling Black & Tan

Miller Lite  ~  O'Doul's ~

Imported Beers.....(in bottles)
Sam Adams 

Guinness  ~  Heineken

Amstel Lite ~ Blue Moon ~ Stella Artios ~ Corona ~ Corona Light

additionally we carry seasonal craft beers from local breweries....ask your serve

Draught Beers  

Harpoon IPA  ~  Sam's Seasonal ~ Guinness (in season) ~ Fresh Seasonal Draught Selection(check it out!)

our draught beer selection changes seasonally and now includes selected 'Craft' beers from local breweries -

 please ask your server what is being featured during your visit

Wine List

Our Wine Selections are served in your choice of a 6oz. or 8oz. serving
and also served by the full Bottle

CK Mondavi

(our House Selection)

Chardonnnay ~ Merlot ~ White Zinfandel

Carbernet Sauvignon

Fontina Candida Pinot Grigio

Kendall Jackson Chardonnay

Sterling Vineyards

Chardonnay ~ Merlot ~ Cabernet Sauvignon

Jacob's Creek  Shiraz

Gabbiano Chianti

Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Fish Eye Reisling

St. Francis 'Old Vines'

Red Zinfandel

Robert Mondavi
Pinot Noir

Col di Sasso
a bold of Saniovese and Cabernet wines


Traditional Margherita... 6.00
Well Tequila,, Triple-Sec, Lime Juice

Golden Margherita... 7.50
Cuervo Gold, triple-Sec, Lime Juice

Blue Margherita... 7.00
Well Tequila, Blue Caracao, Lime Juice

Raspber~rita... 7.00
Tequila, triple Sec and Chambord

Midori Margherita... 7.00
Tequila, Triple Sec and Midori

Watermelon~rita... 7.00
Tequila, Triple Sec, Watermelon Puckers

Specialty Coffees

Dublins - Baily's Irish Cream... 6.00

Irish ~ Jameson's Whiskey... 6.00

Nutty Irishman ~ Frangelica & Irish Cream... 6.00

Dutch ~ Vandermint... 5.00

Italian ~ Sambuca... 6.00

Jamaican ~ Tia Maria & Rum... 6.00

Mexican ~ Kahlua... 5.00

Parisienne ~ Cointreau...6.50

Spanish ~ Kahlua & Tia Maria...5.50

Venetian ~ Cointreau & Brandy... 7.00

Calypso ~ Kahlua & Rum...6.00

Our specialty coffees are brewed fresh and hot ~ served with the cordial and topped with whipped cream

Regular or Decaf Coffee.... 1.50 (refill )

Hot Chocolate ..... 1.50


Specialty Martinis

Appletini... 7.00
Apple Puckers, Smirnoff Vodka

Atomic Orange... 7.00
Stoli Orange, Midori, OJ

Baby Blue... 6.00
Vodka, Sour Mix, Blue Curacao

Black Ice... 7.00
Blavod Vodka, Sambuca Dark, Creme de Menthe

Berry White... 7.00
Stoli Rasberry, Triple Sec

Chocolate... 8.00
Chocolate Vodka, Godiva Liquor and Kahlua

Cosmopolitan... 8.00
Absolute Citron, Cointreau, Chambord

Crantini.. 7.00
Finlandia Cranberry, Dry Vermouth and a splash of cranberry

Flirtini... 8.00
Absolute Vodka, Chamboard, Pineapple

Madras... 7.00
Absolute Mandarin, Finlandia Cranberry

Orangecicle... 7.00
Stoli Vanilla, triple Sec, OJ, and a splash of milk

Purple Haze... 8.00
Absolute Citron, Chambord and a splash of pineapple

Sex at Sunset.. 7.00
Absolute, Sweet Vermouth, Frangelico, Amaretto

Under Current... 8.00
Vodka, Chambord, Blue Curacao

Watermelontini... 8.00
Watermelon Schnapps, Midori, and a splash of cranberry

White Chocolate... 8.00
Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Godiva White Chocolate liquor, Creme de Cocoa